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Jul 14, 2020

Let me ask you a question: 

If you could take a pill and emerge from quarantine smarter, richer, and healthier than ever before — with zero side effects — would you take it?

To be honest, I think most of us would! 

The crazy part? You might be able to get all that from the simple act of reading. 

Yep! Reading has statistically been shown to improve standardized test scores, both mental and physical health, and even been linked to increased earning power.

In episode 33 of the Vocabbett podcast, I share more about how developing a voracious reading habit is arguably the best thing you can do to emerge from quarantine smarter than ever.

It can be uniquely demoralizing to sit back and wait for school news to be released, then be forced to wonder whether those plans will even be in effect in a few weeks.

It's time to take matters into your own hands. It's time to get a Goodreads account (not sponsored, I just love Goodreads) and get reading! And don't forget to follow me once you're there!